~ Ava Reboot ~

So as many doll owners probably know sometimes you need to revamp/ reboot your doll. Be it the character or their style or the actual doll sculpt. I feel that Ava my minifee WooSoo could do with just that, kind of like a spring clean. She will still have the same character and be the …



The worst thing that I can think of, has happened with my dolly…..she got stopped at customs and has been held there for a week now  and this morning I got a letter from Parcel Force saying its going to cost £174 to get her to me. That’s paying for duty tax and their handling …


Erin is on Her Way

YAY!!!! I’m so excited, I got this email from Fairyland dollshippingand to be honest it was a surprise because I thought I had at least another 3 weeks of waiting before they shipped her…..now its just the waiting till she is released from the evil customs office :( but I can cope with that.

I have so much to get ready for her and I haven’t even started, she needs hair and eyes and so many clothes not to mention a face up still…..

I’m thinking of sending her away to - Viridian House- I love her face ups and she is inside the UK which is an added bonus for me.



I can wait for my new dolly but she is taking soooooooooooooooo long to get sent out. I really want to see her soon, I only have so many things to keep me entertained whilst I waste time planning her arrival. And in that note: here are some clothing inspirations that show how I want her style to be…

Sleeve attempt one…

As promised here is the first sleeve I attempted to make for the Tangled dress. As you can see its very bulky and it made the neck of the dress sit messy, so I just thought it would be better to make the whole thing again.



I cant believe its taking me so long to get these dresses done…. I just don’t seem to be able to keep on top of them at all. Still, I’m going to try and keep going till the end of the year, hopefully I wont have 3 or 4 princess dresses backed up by then.

Copy of DSC_0057



When taking on my Disney project I quickly realised it was going to be difficult to find the zips in the right size (10-15 cm) and colour each month. After going to my local craft store and the haberdashery departments in the shops in town, I discovered that none of them stock much variety. The …